Monday, 19 August 2013

GTA V Game Play + Full Download PC) I Leaked GTA 5 Press Release Version I 1 Click Installer

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Download Link For The Leaked GTA V Press Release Version:
Click Here To Download

Mirror should MEGA not work:
Click Here To Download

Virus Scan:
Click Here To Download
This Installer connects to the online resources of GTA V on the Rockstar Games Server, used to distribute GTA V to various Games Magazines and Sites, so they can review and test GTA V. A 1-Click Installer is way safer and easier to distribute than a physical copy of the game, but unfortunately for Rockstar Games it still made its way to the internet before the official release date of GTA V.

How To:
1.) Download the 1-Click Installer
2.) Create a Folder called "Grand Theft Auto V" wherever you want
3.) Run the 1-Click Installer
4.) Wait until all files have been successfully written onto your PC from the Rockstar-Games server
5.) Play GTA V


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